Valentine's Boudoir Mini Sessions

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So often boudoir photos are promoted as a great gift idea for your partner or 'special someone'.

I love this idea, but I prefer - even just that little bit more -

the idea that YOU are the special someone.

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A photoshoot of any kind can feel daunting. Trust me, I know. You're excited at first, it sounds like fun! Not long after, though, that little voice creeps into the back of your mind. 

Wait, a photoshoot? Me?

Then it gets louder. That little voice isn't so little anymore, and it certainly isn't just in the back of your mind.

You start burning through every tiny detail you've ever criticized yourself for. Every 'selfie' you wish so-and-so hadn't posted. Every piece of clothing you tried on that didn't fit your body the way it 'should'.

And this was all over the course of about a minute.


February is and, for my whole life, always has been 'love month'. Now i know at least a few people at this point experience some unpleasant feelings toward this hallmark holiday, money grab, etc - but i challenge you to change the narrative.

When I was younger, I looked at it as a time to celebrate all kinds of love. Love for family members, love for friends - our chosen family, for pets, and of course romantic love. Today, while I still believe my younger self had a fine point, I want to make it about SELF LOVE.

Take every little part of yourself, outside and in, that you've criticized or shamed yourself for and tell it you LOVE IT.

That's what I'd like to do this February.

That's my wild notion for today.

If I can help spread it to at least a few people, well, that's a great start.

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Come dress up - or dress down - and get dolled up with us, have some fun with the girls, laugh, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and tell yourself: "Yes, hey, why hello there you sexy beast, I LOVE YOU"

nanaimo. february 4th. 8 spaces.

we will style your hair just the way you want it - however it is that makes you feel damn good. We will create a makeup look just for you, whether that be barely-there subtle or highlight you can see from the moon and lashes so glam they make your eyelids heavy. All we ask that you bring is your beautiful soul and we'll do everything we can to make sure it shines through.


A boudoir photo session in itself can be an amazing gift for an amazing woman. A surprise pampering and celebration of every little piece of your loved one, with images you can both cherish. Contact me directly if you'd like to reserve a space as a gift, and we can set up a Valentine's day surprise your love will remember forever.

Your Session includes:

•40 min shooting time

•10-15 edited photos

•Up to two looks (outfit/wardrobe)

•Professional hairstyling

•Professional makeup

but most importantly, a great time getting doted on.