Christmas Donation Mini Sessions

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Of course not.

No one but corporate playlists are ready for the holiday season this early .

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So, if we're all going to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off (as per tradition), what can we do to prepare?

Social media comes in right about now.

*When doesn't it though?*

Studies say that first impressions are made in a tenth of a second

Have I lost you yet? 

You literally have the blink of an eye to capture someones attention.

This holiday season, when everyone is being bombarded with advertising and marketing that's been strategized to sell to their parents, sisters, SO's, and best friends, they'll be looking for images of people they know. Shots that feel familiar and genuine.

Present your pieces in the same manner in which you designed and(or) curated them,

with unique, loving, care and intent.


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Let's create something beautiful and capture eyes & hearts

Holiday 2017 Social Media Booster

  • 15-20 Images, retouched to suit your business brand and infused with all the best festive magic

  • Up to 2 hours shooting

  • 1 location

  • (Option for help in planning and coordinating your ideal photo set)

$350 -> $250 if booked before November 5 (while spaces last)

Or contact for more info.

Booking in the Greater Vancouver area with limited spaces available in Nanaimo and Victoria

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