Portrait Mini Sessions

Happy Love Month! Whether you want a little keepsake from this moment in your relationship, a mother/daughter portrait, or some of you and for you ~

When was the last time you took a moment to step into nature with your love, or yourself?

This February, embrace the fresh, cool air of the coast with me and celebrate right now.

Celebrate your relationship

your best friend

your family


And immortalize it ❤

Throw on your favourite Winter outfit and join me

Nanaimo Saturday February 9th, at Neck Point


Vancouver Sunday February 10th, Queen Elizabeth Park

Your photoshoot

Time for your online presence to get a boost? In need of some fresh headshots or portraits? Ready to get some professional photos of you and your love?

Mini Sessions are a great opportunity to get in front of the camera at a lower price point - and this time, get outside!

The shoot ~

  • 45 minutes shooting together

  • 10-15 edited images

  • up to 2 looks/outfit changes

  • option for couples/family, solo portraits, or a mix of both!


Book your Space - Just before valentine’s day xo

Your mini session time will be 45 minutes in total. If you do decide to do an outfit change, please keep in mind this will cut into your shoot time a little!

N a n a i m o available times [Feb 9]~

  • 9:30am
  • 10:30am
  • 11:30pm
  • 12:30pm
  • 1:30pm
  • 2:30pm
  • 3:30pm
  • 4:30pm

V a n c o u v e r available times [Feb 10]~

  • 10:00am
  • 11:00am
  • 12:00pm
  • 1:00pm
  • 2:00pm
  • 3:00pm
  • 4:00pm
  • 5:00pm

*Space is not reserved until payment is received*

*Shoots are non-refundable, but may be transferred (transfer of funds is the clients responsibility and must be done at a minimum of 7 days prior to the shoot)*


Q. Do we have to choose which photos will be edited?

A. No, all photos sent back to you will be fully edited already :)

Q. Do you photoshop people in your images?

A. My preferred editing is fairly minimal, I like to show people as they are in life. I remove temporary marks such as acne or bruises, but leave permanent marks such as scars or moles (unless requested otherwise). If you have a concern, please feel free to let me know! I want you to love your photos and anything within my power to make that happen I would be happy to do.

Q. How long does it take to get the photos back?

A. You will have your set within 1-2 weeks!

Q. We’ll be outside - what happens if it rains?

A. In true Vancouverite/Islander fashion, I am a rain or shine girl! The only time I would cancel would be if the weather posed a danger (so much snow that driving is difficult, heavy wind and rain bringing down branches etc) in which case the mini sessions will be rescheduled and anyone unable to make the second date will be refunded.

Q. So you offer refunds?

A. In event of a total cancellation date to weather - yes. Otherwise, shoots are non-refundable. (Should you absolutely no longer be able to make it, you can sell your space to another person/couple/family, just please let me know!)